We are proud to be your K-12 Foodservice Partners

Boosting Meal Participation

Osborn K-12 Foodservice is proud to service 74 school districts in Alabama and Georgia which combined is approximately 550 school cafeterias. Osborn K-12 works closely with our business partners to offer the latest on-trend products available. We offer a variety of USDA approved delicious and nutritious meal and snack options to help boost school meal participation.

Why Choose Osborn K-12?

Osborn's K-12 Team

Our school staff is passionate about the health and wellness of every student. They get excited when they find new options to present to school nutrition departments because getting you healthy meals that are delicious and kid-friendly is why they get to work in the morning.

Penny Baker, K-12 Director
256-547-8601 Ext. 399

Gail Smith, K-12 Marketing Director
256-547-8601 Ext. 131

Krissie Johnson, K-12 Specialist
256-547-8601 Ext. 128

Andy Gilbert, K-12 Specialist
256-547-8601 Ext. 111